Where can I learn more about the Emerson Creek Wind Farm?

Please view the Emerson Creek Wind Farm application here: Emerson Creek Wind Application

I’m a current wind-energy leaseholder, however, I regret my decision. Is it possible to break my lease?

Yes, there have been numerous cases of local residents breaking their leases. You are encouraged to contact a local attorney to discuss your options.

Is it true that local township officials may have signed lease agreements? Is this a conflict-of-interest?

According to the Emerson Creek Wind application, which is publicly available, this is certainly possible. You are strongly encouraged to contact these individuals to express your concerns. As these are elected officials who must represent the interests of their communities, you may file a complaint with the Ohio Ethics Commission. It may also be beneficial to contact the media outlets in the area (including Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo).

I have seen wind turbines built next to local schools. How will this project be any different?

The two can hardly be compared, as the scope of Emerson Creek is massive. To put these proposed turbines in perspective, their 655 ft height will make them taller than all but 4 Skyscrapers in the entire state of Ohio. The tallest roller coaster in our area is 420 ft tall, making each of the 71 Emerson Creek turbines 235 ft taller than any structure at Cedar Point.