The Emerson Creek Wind Farm is an Industrial Wind Farm project, consisting of up to 71 Turbines, each planned to tower at 655 ft tall. The project footprint is located in both Erie and Huron counties of Northern Ohio. The affected counties are heavily populated, containing over 130,000 residents.

To put the size of the proposed turbines in perspective, their 655 ft height will make each tower taller than all but 4 Skyscrapers in the entire state of Ohio. In the image at the top of this page, the nearest turbine is 476 ft tall, and sits 1.08 miles away from the photographer. The tallest roller coaster in our area is 420 ft tall, making each of the 71 Emerson Creek turbines 235 ft taller than any structure at Cedar Point.

Industrial Wind Turbines have been proven to significantly affect property values and home saleability, causing area property owners to lose millions of dollars. The few “benefits” of these projects are entirely negated by the irreversible damage that they inflict, including noise, flashing lights, shadow flicker, and harm to wildlife. See Examples Here

The opposition to Emerson Creek Wind is overwhelming, however the affected property owners are nearly helpless. All Ohio wind farms with a generating capacity of 5 or more megawatts are regulated by The Ohio Power Siting Board. This means that the affected landowners have ZERO local influence on whether the project can be built. The Emerson Creek Wind application is currently “pending”, so we must act quickly.

Although there is no direct solution, we can prevent this project from moving forward. Get Involved

Blue Creek Wind Farm – 476 ft Turbines

Branch County, Iowa – 496 ft Turbines
200+ ft turbine blade

200+ ft turbine blade